2011 BattleCorps Painting Competition

2011 BattleCorps Painting Competition

Scenes from the Legends
Hello Battletech Fans, Wackrabbit here.
The results are in for our first ever CSO/BattleCorps painting contest and the judging is over. We asked members of the BattleCorps fan fiction site to turn their favorite moment in fiction into miniature reality, by creating a diorama using Iron Wind Metals miniatures and their imagination.
And now, the awards!
Our third place winner earned a score of 33.66 points out of a possible 50, and will receive a BattleShop Coupon in the amount of $9.95. He chose a particularly memorable scene and in fact earned the most points for dramatic story value among all the entries. He is Adam Clawson, better known among us as ACLAWSON. Congratulations!
He chose a scene from Craig A Reed’s pirate encounter: Reap What You Sow.
Caption:  A band of pirates, Corsairs, being drawn into an ambush where a grain silo is exploded when the 'Mechs are close.
Description: silo3.jpg
Description: silo2.jpgDescription: silo1.jpg
Our Second Place winner actually penned the tale from which this scene was taken, and so was well qualified in the story value department. It was his photography that caught the eye of the CSO judges and catapulted him to a score of 35 points of a possible 50. It is to him that the BattleShop Coupon in the amount of $26.95 will go.
As an Author he is known as Philip A Lee, author of Fragments of History, among several other stories. His handle on BattleCorps is none other than JOECHUMMER! Congratulations!
Caption:  Deep in the bowels of an ancient Rim Worlds Republic 'Mech cache, Goliath Scorpion Star Captain Morrigan Madsen forces Star Colonel Jean-Girard LeClair to realize even trueborns must obey the laws of gravity.
Description: PLEE-Diorama2.jpgDescription: PLEE-Diorama3.jpg
Description: PLEE-Diorama1.jpg
And now for the Grand Prize, a BattleShop Coupon worth $44.95equivalent in value to 6 months’ subscription to BattleCorps: This artist has been a prolific contributor to the Miniatures section of the BattleTech Boardgame website, bg.battletech.com, for several years now and has something of his own fanbase there and in fact, internationally. His diorama was a small vignette, chosen from Steven Mohan’s Isle of the Blessed: Interlude, and depicts a visceral moment from that story. The CSO judges found the quality of his painting to be outstanding and I think you will agree, very striking in the bargain. He earned a whopping 38 points out of the 50 possible.
Let me congratulate Sergej Tolokin, alias SIBERIAN TROLL!
And his artwork, from Russia with great skill:
Caption:  “This is Zibler. I'm through the Wobbie line. Crushers, to me!”
Description: Zibler_4.jpg
Description: Zibler_6.jpgDescription: Zibler_7.jpg

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2011 BattleCorps Painting Competition

Scenes from the Legends

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