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I live near Bordeaux,France. I had my first Battletech in the early nineties, but I did not hook up before I played the first Mechcommander campaign through. I managed to lay my hands on a copy of the rules, some TROs and a few minis trough the web, and have not stopped playing since. I love to paint CBT minis, a love that has grown exclusive since I no longer paint anything else. I've managed to create a small Battletech ring in my area, and I'm thinking of expanding it if real life gives me the occasion to do so.

Clan Blood Spirit
Alpha Galaxy

Koshi (Mist Lynx)

by Foxbat posted 6/29/2005 (12 years ago)
Federated Suns
Anjin Muerto CrMM

Javelin JVN-10N

by Foxbat posted 6/9/2005 (12 years ago)
Free Worlds League
Atrean Hussars

Anvil ANV-3M

by Foxbat posted 5/20/2005 (12 years ago)
Draconis Combine
2nd Legion of Vega

Komodo KIM-2

by Foxbat posted 4/22/2005 (12 years ago)
Lyran Alliance
10th Lyran Guards RCT

Maelstrom MTR-5K

by Foxbat posted 4/8/2005 (12 years ago)
Clan Jade Falcon
Lambda Galaxy

Odin Scout Tank

by Foxbat posted 4/7/2005 (12 years ago)
Federated Suns
1st Davion Guards RCT

Marauder MAD-9S/5R

by Foxbat posted 3/31/2005 (12 years ago)
Draconis Combine
1st Sword of Light

Venom SDR-9K

by Foxbat posted 3/25/2005 (12 years ago)
Draconis Combine
2nd Arkab Legion

Hitman HM-1

by Foxbat posted 3/21/2005 (12 years ago)
Free Worlds League
13th Marik Militia

Champion CHP-1N

by Foxbat posted 3/18/2005 (12 years ago)