144 Miniatures


Todd got his start in Battletech back in 1990 after a trip to a local comic shop. It was there that he noticed little metal figures of mecha from his favorite anime shows like Robotech and Dougram and new that he had to have them. After a summer of back-breaking yard work he had finally saved enough to by a full set of the un-seen as well as a 3rd Edition Starter Box. Sadly all of those original miniatures where lost in 2001 in a tragic moving accident involving a poorly secured box in the back of a truck moving at better than 65 mph, only an Atlas survived. After a 4 year break he got back into the hobby and has built a very respectable collection since. He is a Leaguer, Drac, Feddie and Falcon and he's damn proud of it!


Hammerhands HMH-3D

by Mastergunz posted 8/14/2009 (9 years ago)
Word of Blake
36th Division

Raptor II RPT-2X

by Mastergunz posted 8/12/2009 (9 years ago)