Fronc Reaches

Fronc Cuirassiers

The base color for First Fronc Cuirassiers 'Mechs is black with dark grey lining in a pattern resembling carbon fiber. Individual panels are lined in fiery orange. The unit symbol is an ace of spades. Mechwarriors are free to customize the unit symbol, adding more cards behind the ace for instance. Cuirassier pilots sometimes adorn their 'Mechs with kanji symbols.

Canonized by MiniDragon on 4/15/2005.

Colonial Marshals


The Colonial Marshals utilize a scheme of brown with large black splotches reminiscent of ancient Terran painted horses. The largest of the spots covers most of the left torso and shoulder. A Marshal may paint kill markers on the 'Mech's fore-arms: skulls for pirates and red "x's" for everything else.

Canonized by Mastergunz on 1/18/2011.