Clan Star Adder

Gamma Galaxy

Daishi (Dire Wolf) Resculpt

Painted by: Bombtech

Posted on: 7/1/2005 (14 years old)

Miniature is modified to represent the H variant. Bits used are from Gargoyle arm gun barrles, and 25mm elemental laser barrles.

Color Scheme



All Adder 'Mechs and fighters bear the Clan insignia on the left arm or wing and right leg or empennage. Galaxy insignias are displayed on the right arms or wings and left legs or empennages, while Cluster insignias are worn on the right torsos of 'Mechs or the fuselages of fighters.

The Galaxy's insignia is an Arcadian star adder devouring a stylized version of the Clan Blood Spirit standard.

Per FM:Crusader Clans, pages 118 and 124.

Other References


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