Star League

Eridani Light Horse

Sloth Battle Armor

Painted by: minidragon

Posted on: 4/4/2006 (14 years old)

Sloth BA is a web exclusive from IWM.

Color Scheme
The Light Horse has always maintained their original SLDF olive drab paint scheme.
The ELH insignia is a prancing brown horse, set against a yellow disk. A black border was added to signify their mourning after the fall of the Star League. Now that the League is reborn, the band signifies the loss of so many Horsemen on Huntress. FM: ComStar, page 90.
Other References
Locust, Camo Specs (p 5)
Cerberus, FM: Comstar (front cover)
Rhino, FM: Comstar (plate 5)

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