Draconis Combine

4th Pesht Regulars

Crab CRB-27

Painted by: Pendragon

Posted on: 11/9/2007 (11 years old)

Color Scheme



The District Regulars insignia is a green dragon encircling a planet. Though the insignia is always displayed prominently on a 'Mech or vehicle, every regiment places it in a different area. All Pesht Regular 'Mechs also sport the Kurita Dragon crest on the upper left leg. After the unit's defeat on Tarnby, the commanding officer of the Fourth Pesht designed a symbol to represent that loss. On the back of each BattleMech in the Fourth Regulars is painted a copy of Tarnby's planetary flag. To erase that mark of shame, a soldier must perform a heroic action against the Clans, as judged by the unit's commanding officer. The commander has sworn to remove his own flag only when the entire regiment is free of the taint of defeat. Per FM: Draconis Combine, pages 69 and 70.

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