Capellan Confederation

Free Republic Revolutionaries

Hussar HRS 200-D

Painted by: Cyttorak

Posted on: 1/4/2008 (11 years old)

This mini was painted using Delta Ceramcoat (2.5 parts)Burnt Sienna w/ (1 part) Cardinal Red, Trail Tan, and an overall Black Wash.

Color Scheme



Free Capella's crest, now titled The Promise, shows a dragon coiled around the world of Indicass, where once it showed Sian. The insignia appears on the left breast of each 'Mech, the left fuselage of a fighter and the left plastron of a vehicle.

The Revolutionaries' insignia is an avenging spirit, crowned and wielding a sword, battling a fox.

Per FM:Capellan Confederation, pages 113 and 117.

Other References