Special Projects

2008 Diorama

Wolfhound WLF-1

Painted by: Pendragon

Posted on: 8/15/2008 (12 years old)

Alpha Galaxy Commander Khan Phelan Kell in Golden Keshik colors. Khan Phelan Kell retains the Kell Hound logo with green eyes on the right shoulder, with personalized feral wolf grin over the front of the "wolf's head." Modified from the stock IWM mini.

Color Scheme



Miniature Painting:
Captain of the Watch - Ghosts of the Black Watch
Cyttorak - Burr's Black Cobras
Dak - Opacus Venatori, Star Seeds, WorkMech
Fanjoy - 15th Lyran Regulars
Foxbat - Devil's Brigade
Hyena - The Black Widows and The Ronin
Insane Kangaroo - 47th Shadow Division 'Mechs
Jal Phoenix - Crescent Hawks
Ogre - Odessa Planetary Guard
Pendragon - Clan Wolf-in-Exile, WorkMech
Psycho - McFadden's SkyRiders, 47th SD Aero, WoB Pulverizer
Savage Coyote - Periphery Star Guard

Terrain: Sounguru

Photography: Dak and Hyena

Other References