Capellan Confederation

2nd McCarron's Armored Cavalry

Pike Support Tank

Painted by: Cyttorak

Posted on: 11/26/2008 (11 years old)

This mini was painted using Deco Art Dazzling Metallic Ice Blue, Delta Ceramcoat Amethyst, DC Navy Blue lowlights, DC Periwinkle Blue highlights, and DC Metallic Pewter.

Color Scheme



They all display the Confederation crest in addition to the Cavalry emblem, an armored knight with a red plume in his helm rising from a green triangular field. Each regiment except for the Wild Ones also displays a regimental insignia, usually on the back of the shoulder or the upper leg.

The unit insignia shows the outline of an angel in silver, set on a black field. For every battlefield kill, a MechWarrior may paint a blood-colored teardrop on his machine.

Per FM:Capellan Confederation, pages 86 and 88.

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