Draconis Combine

2nd Night Stalkers

Gladiator GLD-4R

Painted by: Mastergunz

Posted on: 7/3/2009 (11 years old)

The base was done in GW Enchanted Blue and P3 Greatcoat Grey with a heavy wash of GW Badab Black over Colorplace Spray-On Grey Primer. Highlights where done with mixtures of GW Enchanted Blue and Ice Blue and Greatcoat Grey and Bastion Grey on their respective base colors. Trim and joints where done with GW Chaos Black and Boltgun Metal target washed with GW Badab Black Wash. Cockpit is P3 Khador Red and Khador Red Highlight. PPC “jewel” was done with GW Ultramarines Blue, Ice Blue and Space Wolves Grey.

Color Scheme



The insignia is a skeleton wrapped in a dark cloak. Per FM: Draconis Combine, page 105.

Other References


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