Free Worlds League

1st Marik Militia

Chaparral Missle Tank

Painted by: Mastergunz

Posted on: 8/5/2009 (9 years old)

The base was done in GW Foundation Hormagaunt Purple washed with GW Leviathan Purple Wash over Colorplace Spray-On Grey Primer. Highlights where done with small amounts of P3 Bastion Grey mixed in with the GW Foundation Purple. Reds are P3 Skorne Red highlighted with Khador Red. Blues are GW Regal Blue highlighted with Ultramarines Blue. “Dirt” on the treads was from a heavy stippling of GW Scorched Earth followed by lighter layers of GW Graveyard Earth and GW Bleached Bone. Cockpit was done in blended layers of GW Snot Green, Goblin Green and Scorpion Green.

Color Scheme



Each 'Mech displays the Marik Militia crest - a stylized Marik Eagle on a red and blue background - on its left arm or weapons pod. The insignia of the First Marik Militia is a blue disc emblazoned with an angel who holds aloft a gleaming sword. Per FM: Free Worlds League, pages 53 and 54.

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