Hammerhands HMH-3D

Painted by: Mastergunz

Posted on: 8/14/2009 (10 years old)

This mini was based in GW Desert Yellow and washed with a mix of GW Devlin Mud, Gryphon Sepia and Badab Black Washes. Highlights are Desert Yellow and Commando Khaki. The camo splotches are GW Graveyard Earth and P3 Battlefield Brown. Joints and "battle damaged" areas are GW Boltgun Metal and Chainmail washed with Badab Black. This mini has been modified into a walking pose to resemble the cover of Battletech: 25 years of Art and Fiction.

Color Scheme


Usually a mix of tans and lighter browns, but occasionally involving reds/purples/yellows/etc.

Other References