Lyran Alliance

6th Lyran Guards RCT

Ymir BWP-2B

Painted by: wackrabbit

Posted on: 7/1/2010 (9 years old)

The blue for this 'Mech was Vallejo Royal Blue, highlighted with Americana Sapphire. The white areas were done first, accomplished by 50% diluted Folk Art Titanium White over the grey primer, followed by a 50% wash of GW Badab Blach, followed by targeted paneling using 25% diluted Folk Art Titanium White

Color Scheme



The Lyran Guards' insignia depicts a stylized white horse head that appears on the left leg of BattleMechs or the left side of vehicles. Regimental insignia appear on the right leg or side. The insignia of the Sixth depicts a scantily clad young woman, a reference to the unit's former reputation for entertaining men and women of disrepute. Per FM:Lyran Alliance, pages 74 and 77.

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