The Battle Corps

Gallowglas GAL-1GLS

Painted by: wackrabbit

Posted on: 7/5/2010 (10 years old)

This warrior hails from the Northwind Highlanders and bears his clan Tartan as well as that of his past unit on his left leg. The tan for this 'Mech was pianted using a thin coat of Vallejo Iraqi Sand, followed by a 50% wash of GW Gryphonne Sepia. The highlights are a simple drybrush of the base color. The blue is GW Ultramarines Blue, highlighted with a mixture of the base color and GW Ice blue.

Color Scheme

Tan with blue highlights. A 'Mech's left leg, fighter's left wing, vehicle's left flank or Battle Armor's or Protomech's left side is customized by each warrior, most of which choose to display schemes of previous allegiances.


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