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Painted by: Dak

Posted on: 11/8/2010 (10 years old)

Larry Allen Barttelbort's custom hybrid creation the Temax Cat Ninjabolt. Heavily kitbashed and scratch built in a few places from epoxy putty, this miniature uses major portions of a Limited Edition Thunderbolt, a standard reseen Thunderbolt, Limited Edition Catapult, original sculpt Axeman, Ninja-to, Tempest, and even a Mackie's gun barrel as the left arm. A few additional pieces were added for details (a Raptor II gun tip, Archangel gun barrel, and a reseen Warhammer missile launcher for the right arm vents). The paint scheme is inspired by the black and white artwork in XTRO: Boondocks by Brent Evans.

Color Scheme


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