Solaris Stables

Tandrek Stables

Urbanmech UM-R60

Painted by: 00Dawg

Posted on: 1/28/2015 (3 years old)

This mini has been extensively reposed. This mini was originally primed with white, then given two coats of Army Painter Pure Red. Reds where then built up with layers of Vallejo's Gory Red, Citadel's Blood Red, Vallejo's Fiery Red, and highlights were picked out with a combination of Gory Red and Vallejo's Dead White. Yellow's were based with Reaper's Desert Yellow, then layered with Vallejo's Sun Yellow, Moon Yellow, and finally Moon Yellow mixed with Dead White. Weapon barrels were painted with Vallejo's Gunmetal, while joints where done with Reaper's Gun Metal. Scarring and battle damage was done with Vallejo's Black, topped with Silver.

Color Scheme

The colors of Tandrek Stables are yellow and red .

Per Solaris VII Map Pack, p. 30.


The TandrekStables insignia is a flaming sword against a yellow field.

Per MapPack: Solaris VII, page 30.

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