Solaris Stables

Zellbrigen Stables

Daishi (Dire Wolf) Resculpt

Painted by: wackrabbit

Posted on: 1/28/2015 (4 years old)

This miniature has been heavily modified with IWM Parts to represent a custom varaint Dire Wolf. The hatchet is from a Dark Age Hatchetman model, the upper arms are from Masakari C omni parts, the gun barrels on the left arm are from Thor Prime LB-X, and the ATM9 launchers are from the Baluis omnimech model.

Color Scheme

The colors of Zellbrigen Stables are green and blue .

Per Solaris VII Map Pack, p. 32.


The Zellbringen Stables insignia is a white and red daggerstar on a silver shield. Per MapPack: Solaris VII, page 32.

Other References


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