Clan Fire Mandrill

Kindraa Mattila-Carrol

Highlander IIC

Painted by: Pendragon

Posted on: 8/3/2011 (8 years old)

This mini was included in the GenCon 2011 CSO display.

Color Scheme

War machines of the Kindraa are painted yellow with red and/or black accents.

Per FM:Crusader Clans, page 49.



The Clan Fire Mandrill standard always appears on military machines, though not always prominently displayed.

The Kindraa standard is a sword piercing an anvil, set inside a red field with a black border. For every kill a warrior makes, a sword is painted on the right arm or wing of his machine (or battlesuit). Red swords denote 'Mech kills, black swords fightercraft and small red daggers denote Elementals.

Per FM:Crusader Clans, pages 44 and 49.

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