Clan Ghost Bear

Alpha Galaxy

The Golden Bears

uses shaded charcoal greys, blended with a blue/grey camo pattern and white dotting. The dotting is outlined in crescent moon-style black trimming. This paint scheme is used in parade and ceremonial occasions, but is also an effective camo pattern for both artic and urban operations.

Canonized by Insane Kangaroo on 12/1/2004.

Other references:
Madcat, CB: Miniatures Rules (p 28)
Gladiator, CB: Miniatures Rules (p 28)
Elemental BA, FM: Warden Clans (plate 5)

Color Scheme

The insignia of Alpha Galaxy depicts a silver bear's head on a gold sun-shaped field, surrounded by golden laurels.

Per FM: Warden Clans, page 88.