Lyran Alliance

11th Arcturan Guards RCT

The Golden Lions

The Eleventh uses the standard white paint scheme of the Arcturan Guards, but they often paint part of each vehicle black (an arm, a wing, etc.) to symbolize their fellowship with the dark reaches of the Periphery.

Per FM: Lyran Alliance, page 55.

Other references:
Grasshopper, Cavalry, Victor, Banshee, Javelin, Commando, Firestarter, Orion, Combat Equipment Guide (color plate 7-8)

Color Scheme

In contrast to the oval-shaped regimental insignia, the symbol of the entire Arcturan Guards takes the form of a green shield upon which is a large white single-bladed axe. The oval-shaped regimental insignia depicts a lion rampant before a field of stars. Per FM:Lyran Alliance, pages 54 and 55.