Clan Jade Falcon

Turkina Keshik

The Turkina Keshik colors its 'Mechs turquoise green with lime green highlights. A gold pearl glaze is then applied, changing the green aspect in varied lighting. Wanting their enemy to know exactly whom they are fighting, all MechWarriors adorn their machines with large falcon murals. Camo (usually shades of green) is used only on the orders of the Khan.

Canonized by Insane Kangaroo on 2/18/2005.

Other references:
Summoner, FM: Crusader Clans (plate 6)

Color Scheme

The insignia of the Turkina Keshik shows a plummeting jade falcon in full cry, clutching a golden sword, against a shadowed blue world.

Per FM:Crusader Clans, page 99.