House Colors - Capellan Confederation

Color Scheme
Liao military hardware, like that of their ancient enemy House Davion, is usually thought of as green—“Liao” green. Liao green can be interpreted as mid-to-light greens, such as forest, kelly or jade green. However, Capellan units are just as likely to use red as green, though they tend toward darker reds such as maroon
and burgundy. Metallic colors are also prominent in many Capellan paint schemes. The colors ivory, jade and gold are especially important, and are only used by specific forces upon whom some honor has been conferred.

Iconic Paint Color:
Apple Barrel Original Acrylic  Kelly Green; Citadel Caliban Green and Warpstone Glow; VMC Deep Green, Intermediate Green, and Light Green; VGC Jade Green, Scurvy Green, and Dark Green; Reaper Master Series Pine Green, Leaf Green, and Pale Green.
Other Primary Paint Colors:
Apple Barrel Tapestry Wine, and Tucson Red; Citadel Mephiston Red, and Astorath Red; VMC Black Red, Dark Red, and Red; Reaper Red Brick, Deep Red, and Blood Red; Citadel Pallid Wych Flesh, VGC Bone White, and Off White.

Painting Techniques
Liao green works equally well over black, white or gray primer. However, starting with a white primer makes it easier to get brighter “jade” greens. As with Davion green, yellow should be mixed in for the highlights, except for the brighter greens, which can be highlighted by mixing in small amounts of white