House Colors - Lyran Commonwealth

Color Scheme
Blue is an iconic color for the Lyran Commonwealth, sometimes referred to as “Steiner” blue (but the term is used with much less frequency than Davion or Liao greens). The color blue dominates the Lyran Commonwealth military, from premier forces like the Royal Guards (blue with a gold strip down each side) or the Lyran Guards (blue with the right 1/3 painted white) to the pale blue of regional militias or the blue-gray of the Donegal Guards. Like House Davion, Steiner fields many Lyran forces that use greens and tans as primary colors, as well as white.

Iconic Paint Color:
(Steiner blue) Apple Barrel Bright Blue, Citadel Teclis Blue and Lothern Blue, VGC Magic Blue, VMC Andrea Blue, Reaper Brilliant Blue.
Other Primary Paint Colors:
(pale blue) Apple Barrel Cloudless, Citadel Ice Blue, VMC Deep Sky Blue and Sky Blue; (blue-gray) Citadel Fenrisian Grey, VMC Light Sea Grey, VGC Glacier Blue.

Painting Techniques
Blue is one of the easier colors to paint and works well with either white or black primer. You can start with a base coat of Steiner blue or a darker blue such as Vallejo Regal Blue, and high-light up to Steiner blue. The base blue can be highlighted with light blue paints and/or mixing in small amounts of white. A targeted black wash works well with darker blues, while lighter blues
benefit more from a blue-black wash.