Atlas AS7-K

The roughriders prefer a dusty brown and dun color scheme, but adapt appropriate camouflage when necessary.  -Per FM: Mercenaries, pg 59.Though using appropriate camouflage in combat, for parades the Roughriders use a midnight blue with smoke highlights color scheme. -Per Mercenaries Supplemental, page 37.Other references: Pillager, FM: Mercenaries (plate 13) Cestus, Mercenaries Supplemental (color plates) Atlas, CM: Mercenaries (p 109)


Circa 3059, the regimental insignia, displayed on a ‘Mech’s front torso, a fighter’s fuselage or the side of a vehicle, is a fanged and horned skull on a dun-colored shield.  Per FM: Mercenaries, pg 59.

Code: 20-942RE

Atlas AS7-K


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