Gargoyle Prime

Gargoyle Prime

Gamma employs a green scheme that fades to brown at the feet. When not using appropriate camo or designated scheme, Wolf units paint their equipment in flat grays.

Nearly since inception, one cluster of Gamma Galaxy has used a distinct tiger camo scheme.  Tied to the 7th Battle Cluster through 3141, as of 3145, foes of Clan Wolf now associate that scheme with the name 7th Wolf Guard Battle Cluster. 

Canonized by Foxbat on 11/22/2007, updated by CSO 1/2/2021.

Other references:
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The Wolf Clan standard is painted prominently on every military vehicle.
Gamma Galaxy’s insignia has a snarling red-and-brown wolf’s head set over a bronze, five-pointed star backed by a white circle. The Greek letter gamma appears on the wolf’s throat in gold.
Per FM:Crusader Clans, page 140.

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Gargoyle (CGL)


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