Kabuto KBO-7A

Kabuto KBO-7A

This mini was painted using GW Regal Blue highlighted with GW Enchanted Blue. Grey’s are P3 Greatcoat Grey and Bastion Grey. All metallics are GW Boltgun Metal washed with GW Badab Black and GW Devlin Mud.

The Night Stalkers favor blacks, grays and dark blues. Per FM:Draconis Combine, page 104.Other references: Atlas, FM: Draconis Combine (plate 6) Exterminator, Daikyu, Kintaro, Katana, CM: Kurita (p 3) Phoenix Hawk, CM: Kurita (p 97) Shadow Hawk, CamoSpecs (p 20)


The insignia is a skeleton wrapped in a dark cloak. Per FM: Draconis Combine, page 105.

Code: 20-270

Kabuto KBO-7A


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