Nightsky vs Titan II

Celebrating 25 years of Battletech, this year's diorama consisted of three scenes:-3025 era: Raid on Sian.  The Kathil Uhlans suprise House Imarra forces in order to extract a deep cover agent.  Green gas is dropped that causes booby-trapped Liao 'Mechs to burst into flames when the myomers are exposed to it. -3050 era: Battle of Luthien.  Draconis Combine forces along with mercenaries sent by Hanse Davion defend the capitol from Clan Smoke Jaguar and Clan Nova Cat forces.   -3075 era: Liberation of a WOB camp.  Stone's Lament frees prisoners from a Word of Blake reeducation facility.Miniature Painting:3025:  B1BFlyer, Fanjoy, Foxbat, Minidragon, Psycho and Cyttorak3050: 00Dawg, Captain of the Watch, Cyttorak, Dak, Hyena, Insane Kangaroo, Jal Phoenix, Savage Coyote3075: Adrian Gideon, Mastergunz, Ogre, Pendragon and special guest Southpaw13.Terrain: DakPhotography: Dak and Hyena

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