Panther PNT-9R

The Whipit’s logo is normally pink, it has been painted black on this ‘Mech so you can see it! This figure has been heavily modified, you can find the standard version at the link below.

Ace' Darwin's Whipits: Natural Selection The unit has no unifying paint scheme, merely Ace`s insignia, a pink cat`s paw on the left heel of their BattleMechs. This insignia refers to Ace`s Panther which has been painted light pink. Per FM: Merc, page 33. Other references: none


Ace’s insignia, a pink cat’s paw, is placed on the left heel of all Whipits BattleMechs, regardless of the member’s chosen color scheme. This insignia refers to Ace’s Panther, which is painted light pink. Per FM: Mercenaries Supplemental II, page 20.

Code: 20-853

Panther PNT-9R


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