Painting a Clan Smoke Jaguar Scheme

 Step 1: Prep ‘n PrimeAfter washing the parts with warm soapy water, and cutting off with a hobby knife any flash mold lines (finishing the job with a file), I assembled the mini with super glue. Then I based it : I filled the hexbase with some yellow-grey milliput, and stuck the mini, as well as some rocks for decoration, in it. When it was dry, I took an old brush, and painted some white glue onto the base, before dipping it some rough sand to give it some texture.

 Once it’s dry, prime it I with some white primer spray. I’m using Citadel, which is both decent and easily available. I sprayed the mini white : 

Step 2: Base Colors
The Smoke Jaguar Zeta Galaxy paints its machines gunmetal gray with red highlights. There are the paints I used for painting the mini :

              I’m using 3 brushes : size 2, size 0 and size 000. Size 2 will be sused for the heavy operations, size 0 for doing the datails, size 000 forthe tiny things such as jewelling. I’ll be using 3 paints : GW Boltgun Metal and Mithril Silver, and Prince August’s Vermilion Red. I’ll use some black ink, and some mate medium for a correct mix. The first operation was painting the Daishi with the size 2 brush, and some boltun metal paint : 

 Then I made a mix of water (50%), black ink (25%) and matte medium (25%) and washed the mini with it : 

 After this, I highlighted the mini with some base color (boltgun metal ) and some slightly watered down silver on the ridges and pannel edges with a 0 size brush : 

Step 3: Highlights The highlights of Zeta are red, and they are commonly rendered as a thin red piping along the pannel edges and ridges of the mech. I did it using my 0 size brush, but decided to fully paint the lower legs humps, as they will make a good spot for decals : 

Step 4: Details
 Details on the mech are :

  • Missiles : these were painted white with a 0 size brush,
  • Lasers : I used my 000 brush for these.
  • Canopy : it’s jewelled in 4 lightening nuances of blue on a black base.

Step 5: Basing

As you can see, I had already started on basing. The first operation was painting a very watered down red ocher paint on the sand, then painting the protruding rocks a dark grey. After this, I washed the sand with Devlan Lud wash, and the rocks with Baddab Black, both from the Citadel range of washes. Next stage is drybrushing the sand with some yellow ochre paint, and drybrush again with some Bleached Bone, The rocks are drybrushed succivekly with Citadel Codex Grey, Fortress grey, and white, All that is left to do at this stage is painting the base’s edges :  

Step 6: Finishing

At that stage, it’s time to use a first layer of sealant. I use some glossy seal, as it will protect the mini better, and support decals more smoothly. Decals were applied, and some glue was brushed on the base before I dipped the base in scatter material. It was time to spray a matte layer of seal, and brush some glossy varnish on the canopy and laser lenses.