House Colors - Draconis Combine

Color Scheme
The iconic color for the Draconis Combine is red; ’Mechs and vehicles painted red are immediately recognizable as Kurita troops.  House Kurita’s premier force, the Sword of Light, uses a red paint scheme with no secondary colors, and this force symbolically represents the Draconis Combine itself. Outside of the Sword of Light, the majority of Kurita hardware tends to be monotone, running the gamut from pure white and light gray all the way up to charcoal
gray and black. Earth colors are also favored by some Kurita forces.

Iconic Paint Color:
Apple Barrel Bright Red or Crimson, Citadel Evil Sunz Scarlet or Wild Rider Red, VMC Carmine Red or Vermilion, VGC Bloody Red, Reaper Fire Red or Phoenix Red.
Other Primary Paint Colors:
Any shade of gray.

Painting Techniques
Painting red can be a real challenge. For a bright red, start with a white primer. Before you apply the base coat, wash the miniature with red ink and allow it to dry. This makes the base coat go on looking brighter and less blotchy. For a darker, deeper red, start with a black primer. Lightly dry-brush the miniature with white paint before applying the base coat. The white dry-brush over a black primer instantly creates depth when the red base coat is applied, and hides the blotchiness that occurs with most red paints. Regardless of the primer you start with, thin even coats of red reduce the patchiness. Start with a darker red color,
such as Citadel Red Gore, and build up highlights using a bright red such as Citadel Blood Red. If you continue to highlight from that point, do not highlight by adding white paint, as that results in pink highlights which looks far too pastel. Instead, highlight by adding yellow to the mix, but keep the highlights very thin or the miniature will take on an orange cast.  A targeted black or dark brown wash works well with a red base color. Once all the (red) painting is complete, an overall red wash (over he red areas) will help tie together all the shades and highlights.