Federated Suns

Color Scheme
Davion is best known for its use of green, specifcally “Davion” green (used primarily by the Crucis Lancers) and dark green (favored by the Syrtis Fusiliers and other units of the Capellan March). There is no specific definition for Davion green, but it tends to be a drab military color, like olive drab or hunter green, for example. Davion forces also frequently make use of red and/or blue; the best example is their premier force, the Brigade of Guards, which uses a striped red, white and blue parade scheme.  Davion troops also use typical military greens and tans.

Iconic Paint Color:
Apple Barrel English Ivy; Citadel Castellan Green, Loren Forest; VMC Olive Green, German Camouflage Light Green; VGC Goblin Green; Reaper Olive Green.
Other Primary Paint Colors:
Citadel Caliban Green, VMC US Dark Green, Reaper Muddy Green; Apple Barrel Bright Blue, Citadel Imrik Blue, VGC Magic Blue, VMC Royal Blue, Reaper True Blue; Apple Barrel Bright Red, Citadel Wild Rider Red and Evil Sunz Scarlet, VGC Bloody Red, VMC Red.

Painting Techniques
Davion green is best applied over a black primer, and the base coat should go on without any problem regardless of brand or technique used. When highlighting Davion green, choose high-light colors that are slightly more yellow than your base color, or mix yellow directly into your base color to create the highlight
paint. The color should take black washing/black lining very well, as well as brown or green washes.