Archer ARC-8M

This miniature was painted with a base of Citadel Regal Blue, with various mixes of Enchanted Blue serving for highlights. White areas were based with Reaper’s Ivory, then highlighted with White Leather, followed by Citadel’s Skull White. The cockpit was jeweled with a mix of Chaos Black and Blazing Orange. Jeweling the large laser involved Chaos Black, Catachan Green, and Scorpion Green, while the mediums used Bad Moon Yellow. Joints were done in Reaper’s Gun Metal, and the weapon barrels in Pewter. Fists were painted with Citadel’s Boltgun Metal. Magic Wash was used in quite liberally on metal surfaces and in painting the missile areas.

The Caesar's Cavalry VI Legio's colors are royal blue trimmed with white. Per FM:Periphery, page 82.Other references: none


Their insignia is a mounted legionnaire bearing a pilum spear and wearing a flowing red cape. Per FM:Periphery, page 82.

Code: 20-211

Archer ARC-8M


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