Carronade CRN-7M

8th Oriente Hussars: Through the Crucible The Hussars use a wide range of field camouflage schemes but most often favor a two-tone green paint scheme--dark on the lower parts, lighter on the top--for vehicles and 'Mechs. Per FM:Free Worlds League, page 92.Other references: none


Units of the Oriente Hussars display their group insignia prominently, usually on the upper torso of a BattleMech or the turret-front of armor units. The insignia depicts a stylized white Oriente Hawk, its torso on a red background surrounded by a golden box. The wings of the hawk extend beyond the box reaching across a green, lozenge-shaped background. Per FM: Free Worlds League, pages 91 and 92.

Code: 20-5110

Carronade CRN-7M


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