Clint – CLNT-2-3T

7th Reserve Cavalry: Holding the Fort The Confederation Reserve Cavalry uses a camouflage pattern appropriate to the world on which a given unit is stationed. The 7th's BattleMechs and other equipment are highlighted with a steel-finish trim. Per FM:Capellan Confederation, page 74. Other references: none


The Cavalry displays only the Confederation crest and a regimental insignia on BattleMechs, fightercraft and other vehicles. The Reserve Cavalry can be identified by regimental insignia or the field backing the Confederation crest, colored gold by permission of the Chancellor.

The regimental insignia sets the three stars of the Magistracy crest over the green triangular field common to Confederation emblems.

Per FM:Capellan Confederation, pages 69 and 74.

Code: 20-879

Clint CLNT-2-3T


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