Crescent Hawks

Crescent Hawks Photo

Crescent Hawks miniatures painted by Jal Phoenix

The Battle of ArcturusIn 3073, Chandrasekhar Kurita, aka "Uncle Chandy", secretly assembled a coalition of mercenaries on Arcturus. Or so he thought. Their position was betrayed by a few members of the Star Seeds. The 41st Shadow Division, assisted by Burr's Black Cobras, dropped right on top of the Coalition's position. This diorama depicts the early moments of that battle.Coalition forces: Black Widows, The Bounty Hunter, Chaos Irregulars, Crescent Hawks, Devil's Brigade, Fox's Teeth, McFadden's Skyriders, Periphery Star Guard, Sorenson's Sabres, Star Seeds (absent from battlefield)Word of Blake forces: 40th Shadow Division, Burr's Black Cobras


B1B Flyer – 40th Shadow Division
Captain of the Watch – Fox’s Teeth, 40th Shadow Division
Dak – Periphery Star Guard
Foxbat – Chaos Irregulars
Gideon – Black Widows, The Bounty Hunter
Hyena – Sorenson’s Sabres
Jalphoenix – Crescent Hawks
Nachtwolfe – 40th Shadow Division
Pendragon – Devil’s Brigade
Psycho – McFadden’s Skyriders, WoB Aero
Ogre – Burr’s Black Cobras
Savage Coyote – Burr’s Black Cobras

Terrain: Sounguru

Photography: Hyena and Sounguru

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