Eagle EGL-R6

Bandit Days The Aces' fighters are all painted a stark bone white. The unit insignia, a large black spade surrounded by a corona of flame, is painted on the left wing of each craft. With each kill the flaming corona around the unit crest on a pilot's fighter is expanded as well. On the fighter of an accomplished pilot, the twisting reds, yellows and oranges form intricate patterns across the craft's wings, nose and fuselage. No two craft are ever painted alike. Per FM: Merc (revised), page 74.Other references: none


Their insignia, placed on the left wing of aerospace craft, and the left breast of their suits, is a black spade surrounded by a corona of flame. The more kills each pilot has, the bigger the corona around the spade. Small ace-of-spades playing cards also appear on the right side of most Aces’ fuselages, one for each combat kill. Per FM:Mercenaries Revised, page 74.

Code: 20-5001

Eagle EGL-R6


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