This miniature represents the Lancer’s paint scheme as it would have appeared during the First Succession War. Highlights have been painted with yellow instead of ivory. The St.Ives Commonality Crest is not displayed since the St. Ives Compact was not formed until the Fourth Succession War.

Ascendant Star The Lancers paint their equipment a standard, gray-tinted green. The First Lancers formerly highlighted their 'Mechs and vehicles in yellow but have since replaced it with ivory to avoid infringing on the use of gold as a mark of the Chancellor's special favor. Per FM:Capellan Confederation, page 104. Other references: Cataphract, FM:Capellan Confederation (plate 5) Emperor, Classic Battletech Master Rules Revised Edition (plate 8) Jinggau, CB: Miniatures Rules (p 20)


The St. Ives Armored Cavalry divisional insignia is an orange sunburst set against an inverted blue double pyramid. The St. Ives Armored Cavalry prominently displays the crest of the St. Ives Commonality on BattleMechs and other machines.

The First St. Ivers Lancers’ insignia shows a rearing white horse wearing a crown, set against a green field.

Per FM:Capellan Confederation, pages 103 and 104.

Code: 20-479

Firebee FRB-2E


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