For their rampage across Clan Wolf space in 3065, the 3rd developed a bold new paint scheme. A white basecoat fades to black on the right arm and left leg, while a bright tongue of flame circles the unit. The flame pattern is unique to each warrior. Canonized by Jal Phoenix on 3/19/2005.Other references: Atlas, FM: Comstar (plate 4) Viking, CB: Miniatures Rules (p 23) Dragon, CM: Kurita (p 105)


The Drakons’ insignia is a silver fox with the word “Memmingen” written beneath it, honoring both Haakon Magnusson (whose nickname is the Silver Fox) and the civilians slain on Memmingen. Per FM: ComStar, page 69.

Code: 20-377

Flashman FLS-8K


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