Gargoyle C

Modified with Creative Juggernaut parts to look like the “C” Configuration

The galaxy employs a blue-gray base color with iridescent accents. Per FM: Warden Clans, page 72. Other references: noneEra note: Clan Diamond Shark was known as Clan Sea Fox until 2985, and then again from 3100 forward.  For units associated with the latter era, please refer to the Clan Sea Fox Faction Page.


The Clan Diamond Shark insignia is displayed on all war machines in the Clan Touman. Galaxy insignias may be painted on a ‘Mech or fighter, but always lower and smaller than the Clan insignia. Warriors with at least one confirmed kill may paint shark-like teeth in an appropriate place: the nose of a fighter, cockpit of a ‘Mech, front of a vehicle or faceplate of battle armor.

Its insignia is a clockwork diamond shark on an iridescent field. Like Lambda Spine, warriors of the Steelsoul Galaxy may paint diamonds on the sides of their ‘Mechs, armor vehicles or fighter craft. The diamonds are iridescent, and each one designates a Point’s worth of kills.

Per FM: Warden Clans, pages 66 and 72.

Code: 35722

Gargoyle (CGL)


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