This is the GenCon 2009 Limited Edition “Jumping Hatchetman” sculpt. This mini was based using Colorplace Spray on Flat Black highlighted with P3 Greatcoat Grey and P3 Bastion Grey. Flames where done using GW Enchanted Blue, Ice Blue, and Space Wolves Grey target washed with GW Asmuren Blue.

Eternal Flame The Grenadiers use a black paint scheme with blue flames, complementing the unit's insignia. For each kill, a Mechwarrior is allowed to paint a red lightning pattern on his 'Mech's left side. Canonized by Jal Phoenix on 4/15/2005 Other references: Thanatos, CB: Miniatures Rules (p 19)


The Grenadiers’ insignia is a white torch with a blue flame, the same as that of Kestrel’s ducal family.

Per FM:Federated Suns, page 49.

Code: IWM-LE2009



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