Hawk Moth VTOL

The base was done in GW Ice Blue with a watered down wash of GW Asmuren Blue, GW Liche Purple and GW Chaos Black over Colorplace Spray-On Grey Primer. Highlights where done by mixing GW Ice Blue with Space Wolves Grey and Liche Purple with P3 Bastion Grey respectively. Metallics where done in GW Boltgun Metal washed with Tamiya X-19 Smoke. Cockpit was done in blended layers of GW Snot Green, Goblin Green and Scorpion Green

The Parade colors of the Protectorate Guard are purple and powder-blue. The blue forms the base color with key panels highlighted in purple. Black edging completes the paint scheme. Per FM:Free Worlds League, page 80.Other references: none


References: None.

Code: 20-286

Hawk Moth VTOL


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