Hunchback HBK-4G

Northwind Highlanders

There is no uniform paint scheme for the Highlander, with each command using whatever camouflage scheme is appropriate to the mission. Per Mercenaries Supplemental, page 51.Grey Watch 'Mechs are painted primer gray. Units prominently display their house tartan on at least one torso, with some opting to paint a sash or add a full kilt pattern.  When present, the Highlander symbol appears on the left leg. -Canonized by CSO, 6/3/21Other references: Catapult, Camo Specs (p 25) Atlas, CB: Miniatures Rules (p 25) Hunchback, Mercenaries Supplemental (color plates) Locust, CM: Mercenaries (p 101) Warhammer, CM: Mercenaries (p 111) Grey Watch Protocol (cover) Paid in Blood (cover)


The Northwind Highlanders insignia was recently changed to reflect their return to Northwind and to re-establish firm ties with Clan Stuart: a shield of the Clan Stuart tartan, emblazoned with a claymore. The brigade logo is displayed on the left chest, turret or fuselage, with a slightly smaller regimental crest displayed on the right side. A swatch of the regiment’s tartan is displayed below the regimental logo, while the warrior’s personal family tartan is displayed on the right leg, right wing, or front of the vehicle. The First Kearny Highlanders display the Royal Stuart tartan: a black background overlaid with white. The Second Kearny Highlanders display the Stuart tartan: a red background overlaid primarily with green, secondarily with blue. MacLeod’s Regiment displays the MacLeod tartan: a yellow background overlaid primarily with black, secondarily with red. Stirling’s Fusiliers display the Stirling tartan: a non-traditional plaid of overlaid square blocks of green, light red, and white. The Northwind Hussars display the Rose hunting tartan: a blue background overlaid primarily with green, secondarily with red. Per FM: Mercenaries Supplemental, pages 51-56.

Code: 20-854

Hunchback HBK-4G


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