Marauder II MAD-4S

This mini was painted using a base of Testor’s Light Sea Grey, washed with a thin blackwash. The patches of tan were done in Americana Cashmere Beige, washed with Americana Raw Umber. The dark brown stripes were done with Americana Raw Umber mixed with a bit of black, and the “chocolate chips” were done with black and white. Weapon barrels were done with Gunmetal Grey Metallic.

Lightning Warriors does not follow any specific color schemes for its `Mechs and vehicles, instead utilizing camouflage patterns appropriate to the environs it finds itself in. When not on assignment, units can often be found in simple primer colors. Per FM:Mercenaries Supplemental, page 35.Other references: none


Group W’s crest is four golden lightning bolts, forming a “W”, set upon a black circle with a Steiner blue border. Per FM: Mercenaries Supplemental, page 35.

Code: 20-234

Marauder II MAD-4S


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