Warhawk H

Miniature has been modified to the H configuration.

Clan Ghost Bear's Beta Galaxy usually paints its machines in arctic camouflage. For parade, a dark blue with white and slate gray trim is used. A pattern of white and slate gray resembling cracked ice encircles the waist and arms of 'Mechs, the body of vehicles, and the wings of aerospace fighters. Canonized by Hauptmann Fanjoy on 7/10/2004. Other references: Grizzly, CB: Miniatures Rules (p 28) Mad Dog, Battle of Tukayyid (p 81) Dragonfly, Battle of Tukayyid (p 179)


The insignia of Beta Galaxy is a bear silhouetted against a silver moon, sitting on its haunches and howling like a wolf.

Per FM: Warden Clans, page 89.

Code: 20-605RE

Masakari (Warhawk) Resculpt


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