Nova Cat

Nova Cat

This miniature was part of the 2014 CSO Christmas Exchange.

Alpha Galaxy uses shaded charcoal grays blended with a blue-gray camouflage pattern and small white "rocks" with a black crescent moon outline for parade, ceremonial, and some combat operations.Canonized by CSO on 12/1/2004. Other references: Madcat, CB: Miniatures Rules (p 28) Gladiator, CB: Miniatures Rules (p 28) Elemental BA, FM: Warden Clans (plate 5) Mad Dog, Battle of Tukayyid (p 153) Gargoyle, Battle of Tukayyid (p 179)


The insignia of Alpha Galaxy depicts a silver bear’s head on a gold sun-shaped field, surrounded by golden laurels.

Per FM: Warden Clans, page 88.

Code: 20-917

Nova Cat


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