Quickdraw (Beginners Set) QKD-4G

This Mechwarrior has spraypainted the name “Oleg” on the back of his ‘Mech.

Debt of Blood The Cossacks paint their machines a flat rust-red color. Traditionally, each MechWarrior gives his BattleMech a name, which is painted across the back of the machine in Russian. Per FM: Merc (revised), page 81.Other references: Victor, FM: Mercenaries (plate 14)


The force insignia is a Cossack horseman riding out of a golden circular field and wielding a flaming saber. This emblem is painted across the right torsos of unit BattleMechs and the left fuselage sides of aerospace fighters. Per FM:Mercenaries Revised, page 81.

Code: 10-022

Quickdraw (Beginners Set) QKD-4G


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