Raven RVN-3L

Gryphons The component forces from each coalition member-state retain their traditional parade schemes. Units from Amity and Concord use gold with orange highlights, those from Callison and Marcus paint silver on the right half and purple on the left. Kalidasa, New Hope and Alkes units are black with a gold torso, fuselage or turret. Irregulars from Danais and Bondurant favor silver on the top half and green on the bottom. Shilohans use a quartered tan and orange. Canonized by CSO on 2/21/07Other references: none


All Silver Hawk military units display an insignia of a silver falcon, wings and talons outstretched, set against a large blue-black disc. This insignia appears on the left torso of each Silver Hawk BattleMech. The unit’s insignia is a stylized Gryphon. Per FM: Free Worlds League, pages 88 and 90.

Code: 20-992

Raven RVN-3L


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