Shadow Hawk SHD-5D

This mini was painted with Americana Light Hauser Green, washed with a 50-50 mix of Dark Hauser Green and Black. The Brown is a base of Delta Umber, washed with Black and highlighted with Delta Ochre.

Forest green and browns based off of SLDF forest camo colors dominate the Knight's scheme. The forest based colors serve to reinforce the reputation of these modern-day Robin Hoods.Canonized by Pendragon on 6/1/2007Other references: Quickdraw, CM: Mercenaries (p 109)


The unit insignia is the emblem of the Cult of the Saints Cameron – three Swords of Saint Cameron arranged in a fan. This is displayed on a BattleMech’s right leg or an aerospace fighter’s starboard wing. Each ‘Mech battalion also has an insignia, displayed on the left leg. First Battalion uses a blue sun that radiates beams of light, Second Battalion, a stylized representation of the habit worn by Benedictine nuns, and Third Battalion a bloody throne. Fighters display an angelic figure kneeling in prayer on their port wings. Per FM:Mercenaries Revised, page 83.

Code: 20-212

Shadow Hawk SHD-5D


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