Tactical Operations – Lyran Convoy

Tactical Operations - Lyran Convoy Photo

Lyran command and transport vehicle convoy. The miniatures are based on the 13th Donegal Guard scheme. Included in the photos are Centipede Scout Cars, Heavy Hover APC, MASH unit, Mobile HQ, Morningstar Command Vehicle, Skulker Wheeled Scout as well as Razorback and Nighthawk mechs. The cargo and fuel trucks are from GHQ miniatures. The crewmen and officers are N scale railroad figures from Preiser. Terrain is from Busch, Iron Wind Metals, Herpa Miniature Models and JR Miniatures.

Tactical Operations is the one-source reference for advanced rules that apply to on-world operations. It includes new movement and combat options, an extensive Advanced Weapons and Equipment section, and the rules for playing and constructing advanced Support Vehicles and Mobile Structures. The pictures below are from Tactical Operations

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